• To The Carbon Copy Date

    15th Oct 2020 by

    Have you ever seen that episode of Friends where Rachel dates a guy called Russ who is the exact same as Ross? — Well, I sometimes feel like I have that experience in dating guys, i’ll have a really good connection with a guy, it falls apart and then next person i date seems to… Read more

  • To The Second Date Guy

    11th Oct 2020 by

    I don’t like Summer. It’s not an important observation, but it’s something i’ve always felt. I think that we mainly like summer because it makes us think of our childhood when the days would never end and we didn’t have school. Summer is a kind of innocence, a way of escaping the harsh realities of… Read more

  • To The Guy I Let Down

    8th Sep 2020 by

    When I started dating properly, I always promised myself I wouldn’t go down the road of stereotypes associated frequently with gay men, that are perceived to be bad — primarily being promiscuous and treating men as if they’re disposable (there is a whole debate over whether these stereotypes are fair and this post isn’t about… Read more

  • To The Guy Who Was My First Love

    10th Mar 2020 by

    The purpose of this blog is to talk about all of the different men in which I have encountered over recent times, however one guy in particular has occupied much of the time and the posts behind this blog. If you’ve read To The Straight Guy Who Doesn’t Know I Like Him and To The Guy Who… Read more

  • To The Guy I Keep Seeing But I Know I Don’t Like

    12th Jan 2020 by

    If you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning, you might remember the post To The Guy I Liked The Idea Of, who was a guy I went on a date with, who seemed nice but there just was not a connection. Well anyway, about a month or so after this date, I somehow got… Read more

  • To The Guy Who Gave Me Crabs

    31st Dec 2019 by

    New Year is a time for reflection for what has been and gone in the past year and what you hope and expect from the year ahead. One of the worst encounters, okay the worst encounter, i’ve had this year was with the guy who gave me crabs, which are known officially as pubic lice.… Read more

  • To The Guy Who Was Nice and Nothing Else

    27th Dec 2019 by

    Dating is hard. Regardless of your sexuality, it is a difficult thing to do, to meet someone for the first time and well hopefully build up a bond. When I first started discovering who I was sexually, I was interested in dating at all, I mean my intention was to go out there and just… Read more

  • To The Guy Who Was Also A Bottom

    22nd Dec 2019 by

    One of the things I envy most about straight people is how broad their dating pool is. Not only is there less gay people, estimated to be about 10% of the population, but we also have the top/bottom issue. If you’re not familiar with this terminology, without trying to sound crude, some guys prefer to… Read more

  • To The Guy In Lycra

    19th Dec 2019 by

    At University, one of the extracurriculars I take part in is Badminton. The guys there are okay(ish), I suppose. However, there is one guy who I really find hot, even if I don’t find him attractive as an actual person. He rarely smiles, but he is suave in the way he dresses and the way… Read more

  • To The Guy Who Couldn’t Look Me In The Eye

    18th Dec 2019 by

    Earlier this year, I briefly dated a guy. He was over 6 foot tall, really skinny, but really sweet at the time. We had been chatting for a while on an app, and we worked out that both of us had a class that ended at the same time. So one day after that class… Read more

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