To The Carbon Copy Date

Have you ever seen that episode of Friends where Rachel dates a guy called Russ who is the exact same as Ross? — Well, I sometimes feel like I have that experience in dating guys, i’ll have a really good connection with a guy, it falls apart and then next person i date seems to resemble this previous person in such uncanny ways. This is what happened on a recent date I had.

If you’ve been reading this blog since the very start, you’ll be familiar with the boy who was the subject of To The Straight Guy Who Doesn’t Know I Like Him, To The Guy Who I Have Fallen in Love With and To The Guy Who Was My First Love, yeah he really did have an impact on me. Anyway, back to the more recent date. I matched with this really sweet guy through an app and we cut to the chase and met-up. It was a really nice date, generic but good. There were epochs of affection and he was a really good conversationalist. I was having a good time, then something happened.

I saw a mutual, someone that both I and the the boy of those previous posts both knew. She looked at me weirdly and carried on walking — maybe she didn’t recognise me, however I then turned and looked at my date and it became pretty obvious. He looked like the boy I was previously in love with. I didn’t let this ruin the date and we carried on having a good time, but it made me realise that I was trying to re-create the feelings that I had earlier this year with someone else.

What does this mean? That is what I want to know. It was a subconscious move for sure, I didn’t proactively seek out a boy who looked like the previous boy, but it kind of just happened. What I want to know is does this mean i’m not over the guy who I was in love with? does it mean i’m unable to progress further in dating at this time? or is it just me overanalysing everything?

There’s no real resolution to this post. There’s nothing good, but nothing overly bad either. The guy I was on a date with that day is someone i’m planning to see again, so maybe it’ll work out, but if it doesn’t, I wonder if it’s because i’m trying to recreate something that never really existed.

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